Birthday Party With Zany Lighting And Fun Entertainment

When our client birthday girl extraordinaire Beth Dodson approached us and told us she wanted “a party that was outrageous and would leave people saying wow!”… we were INSTANTLY excited to design and produce this party for her. Elizabeth LOVES fun colors, fun people and a good time. We went right to work designing a zany and outrageous lighting and production platform complete with fun graphics, wild colors and theatrics such as a light up bar, light up tables and chairs and computer controlled lighting that would add energy and surprise to the mix. In addition, we worked with out business partner Steve Bloom and the group at AEC/Hip Service to make the event come to life.

Putting the final touches on the lighting before guests arrive. Computer controlled lighting controls the room, the bar and the tables. FUN

Lighting fills room with fun colors, shapes and graphics making this theme thrive!

Create energy and fun with light up tables and bar with Extreme Productions!Extreme Productions Lighting and Hip Service Music Rockin' The Party

A Birthday Party With Style and Fun

The email from Beth the next day says it best “The party was off the hook and totally FUNTASTIC! My friends are all saying the same thing… hangovers and sore bodies from all the dancing 🙂 Thank you SO much for really making my party so much more…” LOL! We LOVE you Beth!

Our thanks to the Harmony and the fun crew at the Citizen Hotel! Many thanks to Steve Bloom and Hip Service for rockin’ the party! Our sincere appreciation to Beth for trusting us with your vision and allowing us to WOW you and create some fun surprises for all.

Planning an event? Need to make an impact? Call Extreme Productions Entertainment today! 916 773 4329.


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