Extreme Productions Rocks Thousands At Team In Training / Nike Women’s San Francisco

Every year, the cast of Extreme Productions is tasked with creating an amazing celebration party for the thousands who attent the Team in Training / Nike Women’s Marathon Victory Party. Every year we are blown away.

On October 16, 2011, thousands who participated in the San Francisco marathon packed into the Moscone Center for the Victory Party. This celebration had the energy of a concert, the feeling of success and the overwhelming joy that can come out of a movement where all are united for one cause.

With thousands in attendance from around the world who just completed a 26.2 mile marathon, the cast of Extreme Productions Entertainment was amazed by the energy and enthusiasm this crowd still had. Larry Burow, Dominic Fournier and Matt Brys gave them the music and experience they needed to keep the energy going.

Our thanks to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for your amazing and continued efforts with Team in Training. To the thousands who participated in the Nike Women’s Marathon and the Team in Training movement in San Francisco… WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for your contribution!

Want to plan an event with world-class impact and energy? Call today. 916 773 4329. Extreme Productions Entertainment is the leader in event entertainment with impact.


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