A Sneak Peek At A World-Class Catta Verdera Country Club Wedding

When you take two amazing people like Leslie Pieracchi and Dan Wilson, add in their over the top fun family and friends and mix in a wedding entertainment solution from Extreme Productions Entertainment… you know it’s going to be an unbelievable wedding! From the moment this wedding began at Catta Verdera Country Club, guests were treated to an experience that only Leslie and Dan could provide. Fun, energetic, romantic and of course… a night to remember. We received just a few images (a sneak peek) from our friends at Ford Family Photography from the dance party at Leslie and Dan’s celebration…

We cannot wait to receive and show you the other images from this wedding. Our thank you to Leslie and Dan (and their families) for allowing us to help them create a world-class experience for their friends and family. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Catta Verdera Country Club (we love you!!). To Ford Family Photography… LOVE working with you and cannot wait to see the other images!

Is creating a unique experience for your guests that is reflective of you a priority? Do you want over-the-top fun at your wedding? Are you ready to create a wedding experience that is unforgettable? Let’s begin planning together! Call today 916 773 4329.  Extreme Productions Entertainment  is the leader in world-class wedding entertainment, customer service and fun.


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