“Best Party Ever” Begins Here

When companies want to take their fun to the next level, they call the award-winning group at Extreme Productions Entertainment. For System 3, Inc, we designed an entertainment experience that included interactives and fun that had ALL of the guests engaged. The wonderfully talented team at Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design came up with a tablescape that was elegant and festive. The lighting and production plan provided by Extreme Productions Entertainment continued the theme and transformed the space. As management of System 3 writes “We had more fun watching all of our guests having a blast! Thank you for producing such a killer Christmas party. We have had nothing but GREAT feedback…” It was our pleasure! Here’s a sneak peak at the room design. Tablescapes and art by Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design. Lighting, production and entertainment by Extreme Productions Entertainment.

2012-12-15 17.17.40

For artwork, we incorporated a lighting plan that included holiday snowflakes, splashed of red and motion picture holiday movies, set to black and white.

2012-12-15 16.46.19

We LOVED the festive tablescapes and decor created by the team at Tres Fabu Events and Design.

2012-12-15 17.18.04

Is your next company party look for impact and energy that has your employees and guests saying WOW and OMG!?! When you partner with Extreme Productions Entertainment, you will have the secret that other firms and corporations choose to insure their celebrations are outside the box, unique and filled with impact. Take the first step towards a new entertainment experience. Call Extreme Productions Entertainment today. 916 773 4329. ExtremeProDjs.com

Our thanks to System 3, Inc for allowing us to create a spectacular event for them. Looking forward to next year’s celebration!



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