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Unbelievable Weddings At Citizen Hotel Begin Here

October 19, 2012

The story of Stephanie and Jacob should have been taken directly from a storybook romance.  Two people who went to a mutual friend’s wedding to celebrate love… ended up finding love themselves.  Fast forward a few years to find Jacob and Stephanie assembling an amazing team of vendors to help them execute their rockstar wedding which took place at the stunning Citizen HotelExtreme Productions Entertainment was beyond thrilled to have been chosen to help them create an entertainment, lighting and production plan that delivered OMG and WOW! Thank you to the talented Jen Stewart Photography for the images.

Extreme Productions Entertainment  created a lighting design that incorporated the client’s vision of autumn colors of amber and burgundy with a texture and color splash design that blended well with their entire wedding design. And the party?! Our DJ/MC went to work to insure the dance floor was packed, whilke incorporating the music Jacob and Stephanie loved! It was a celebration that could have lasted all night.  The amazing teamwork, planning, and spirit made the celebration for Jacob and Stephanie one we will always remember.

Our thanks to Jacob and Stephanie for allowing us to help you create a super fun and easy to plan wedding celebration that everyone LOVED. Our gratitude to the amazing team at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento for always being SO great to work with. Jen Stewart, your imagery is amazing!

Take the first step towards a wedding that will leave your guests saying OMG and WOW! Call Extreme Productions Entertainment today. 916 773 4329.


Rockstar Weddings At The Citizen Hotel Happen Here

October 25, 2011

When we asked Morgan Kutzman and Mike Motia what they wanted out of their wedding experience, they replied “…a night no one would forget.” Extreme Productions Entertainment helped Morgan and Mike create their wedding from the ground up filled with the perfect soundtrack to reflect their personality, lighting to enhance both the theme and energy they wished to have AND… a few surprises to insure every one of their guests walked away saying “BEST WEDDING EVER!” All images by our good friends at The Goodness Photography.

Creating the perfect theme and atmosphere to insure their wedding was reflective of their personality was key. Utilizing various lighting designs and techniques, Extreme Productions Entertainment created the perfect glow for their wedding ceremony. Oh… and the flowers for this event??!! ROCKSTAR! Blooms by Martha Andrews always does an amazing job!

The transition from ceremony to reception was key. The 7th floor of the Citizen Hotel was transitioned from hints of ivory and champagne tones to a festive red and orange tone palette.

…and the party? As Extreme Productions Entertainment DJ/MC/Experience Concierge Matt Brys put it “It was an 11!!”

Our thanks to Morgan and Mike for the opportunity to help them create and celebrate their unforgettable wedding experience! Our sincere appreciation to the wonderful staff at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento for always delivering a consistently amazing experience. Martha from Blooms by Martha Andrews created the amazing floral design. Our good friends at The Goodness Photography delivered these and hundreds more amazingly stunning images.  

Are you ready to create a wedding experience that is unforgettable? Is creating a unique experience for your guests that is reflective of you a priority? Do you want over-the-top fun at your wedding? Let’s begin planning together! Call today 916 773 4329.  Extreme Productions Entertainment  is the leader in world-class wedding entertainment, customer service and fun.