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Unbelievable Weddings At Citizen Hotel Begin Here

October 19, 2012

The story of Stephanie and Jacob should have been taken directly from a storybook romance.  Two people who went to a mutual friend’s wedding to celebrate love… ended up finding love themselves.  Fast forward a few years to find Jacob and Stephanie assembling an amazing team of vendors to help them execute their rockstar wedding which took place at the stunning Citizen HotelExtreme Productions Entertainment was beyond thrilled to have been chosen to help them create an entertainment, lighting and production plan that delivered OMG and WOW! Thank you to the talented Jen Stewart Photography for the images.

Extreme Productions Entertainment  created a lighting design that incorporated the client’s vision of autumn colors of amber and burgundy with a texture and color splash design that blended well with their entire wedding design. And the party?! Our DJ/MC went to work to insure the dance floor was packed, whilke incorporating the music Jacob and Stephanie loved! It was a celebration that could have lasted all night.  The amazing teamwork, planning, and spirit made the celebration for Jacob and Stephanie one we will always remember.

Our thanks to Jacob and Stephanie for allowing us to help you create a super fun and easy to plan wedding celebration that everyone LOVED. Our gratitude to the amazing team at the Citizen Hotel Sacramento for always being SO great to work with. Jen Stewart, your imagery is amazing!

Take the first step towards a wedding that will leave your guests saying OMG and WOW! Call Extreme Productions Entertainment today. 916 773 4329.


We Are LOVING Our New Wedding Clients Committing Daily! WOW!

February 2, 2012

Thrilled! Humbled. Excited! Thank you to the wonderful clients and raving fans who are choosing Extreme Productions Entertainment daily for their choice for their wedding entertainment. We are beyond excited about the overwhelming response from our clients who are looking for a unique experience for their wedding that will be stress-free, non-cheesy and fun! From our award-winning DJ/MC and entertainment services to our lighting, photobooth and other unique solutions, we are excited to work with each of you to create an experience you and your guests will never forget. Our phones are ringing off the hook daily and we LOVE the energy we are receiving. This is going to be FUN!

Are you ready to create an unbelievable experience for your wedding? Using our award-winning entertainment concepts will redefine the meaning of “fun” for your wedding. Your need for a world-class wedding entertainment experience, one “WOW” moment at a time, is now yours. Passionate about entertainment. Committed to exceptional customer service. Powered by creating raving fans. This is Extreme Productions Entertainment. Let’s make you a raving fan. Call today. 916 773 4329

Birthday Party With Zany Lighting And Fun Entertainment

December 10, 2009

When our client birthday girl extraordinaire Beth Dodson approached us and told us she wanted “a party that was outrageous and would leave people saying wow!”… we were INSTANTLY excited to design and produce this party for her. Elizabeth LOVES fun colors, fun people and a good time. We went right to work designing a zany and outrageous lighting and production platform complete with fun graphics, wild colors and theatrics such as a light up bar, light up tables and chairs and computer controlled lighting that would add energy and surprise to the mix. In addition, we worked with out business partner Steve Bloom and the group at AEC/Hip Service to make the event come to life.

Putting the final touches on the lighting before guests arrive. Computer controlled lighting controls the room, the bar and the tables. FUN

Lighting fills room with fun colors, shapes and graphics making this theme thrive!

Create energy and fun with light up tables and bar with Extreme Productions!Extreme Productions Lighting and Hip Service Music Rockin' The Party

A Birthday Party With Style and Fun

The email from Beth the next day says it best “The party was off the hook and totally FUNTASTIC! My friends are all saying the same thing… hangovers and sore bodies from all the dancing 🙂 Thank you SO much for really making my party so much more…” LOL! We LOVE you Beth!

Our thanks to the Harmony and the fun crew at the Citizen Hotel! Many thanks to Steve Bloom and Hip Service for rockin’ the party! Our sincere appreciation to Beth for trusting us with your vision and allowing us to WOW you and create some fun surprises for all.

Planning an event? Need to make an impact? Call Extreme Productions Entertainment today! 916 773 4329.

How Do You Insure 4,800+ Guests Have Fun?! You Call On Extreme Productions Entertainment!

October 20, 2009

This Is The Extreme Productions Entertainment AFTER PARTY for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco October 2009 Benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

How do you entertain 4,800+ Guests?! You call Extreme Productions Entertainment! 



Extreme Productions Entertainment produced the after party for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday night. The 2009 event proved to be the BEST after party guests of the marathon have experienced!

Our mission: to create several “themed rooms” that would be entertaining, fun and would knock the socks off of the guests at the event. Extreme Productions went right to work creating the lighting and sound design that would make the themes come to life. Then… we add in the Extreme Productions Entertainment DJ’s, MCS and entertainers… and voila… a party that is unforgettable! Check out the pics below!

We had several themed ballrooms we created for our client. One of the most popular? “Team Idol”. When you add Extreme Productions Entertainment’s world class MC’s and Karaoke hosts Larry Burow and Dominic Fournier… you know you are in for a show!

Idol Room

This room was SOLD OUT and the line out the door was massive! Our Team in Training guests can SING!!! This wasn’t “karaoke.” This truly was a show and the talented Team in Training participants were the stars!

People Loved the Idol Room
People Loved the Idol Room

The “80’s Prom” themed room was a HUGE HIT! There wasn’t a dance floor big enough for Extreme Productions Entertainment DJ and MC Joe Pittman!


 Check out a video from a blackberry phone of the finale in the 80’s room below!

We designed a game zone complete with wii gaming systems, old school arcade and attraction features and more!

Game Room

Extreme Productions Entertainment DJ and MC Kevin Issertell took the party to a whole new level and insured guests had an amazing time. Next year Kev… we need to get you a bigger dance floor!

We absolutely LOVED producing this event. Our love to Lucrezia LoGiudice from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for contacting us and allowing us to create this event with you! Lu… you truly are a blessing and your smile, energy and passion for this event is amazing. ANY organization should be blessed to have you on their side.

We Love Lu Lu!

Our thanks to Debbie, Lu and the rest of the many amazing people at the Leukemia and Lymphoma society who make this event amazing and help such a worthwhile cause! Our thanks to Corina, Lisa, Charlie, Mike, Mark and Richard at the Hilton San Francisco – Union Square for their assistance and time. Our sincere thanks to Cat, Gary and to Local #16 and Local #85 out of San Francisco for the great work on taking our lighting and sound design and making it a reality. Big thanks to Roman and the crew for maintaining the game zone and keeping it fun! Finally… our thanks to the over 4,800 guests who attended the October 2009 Nike Women’s Marathon After Party in San Francisco. Your passion is amazing. Your spirit and energy is infectious. Your participation in this amazing and worthwhile event… needed and appreciated. Our deepest thanks!

To ALL the athletes of the Nike Women’s Marathon… we will see you in 2010! Get those dancing shoes ready!

Want to create an event with energy and impact? Call Extreme Productions Entertainment. 916 773 4329.

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Extreme Productions on Platinum Weddings TV

July 24, 2009
Extreme Productions Entertainment is on another episode of Platinum Weddings TV. The crew was in Sacramento at our studios this week to begin filming the “pre-wedding and planning shots” for the upcoming wedding celebration taking place in the Greater Sacramento Area. Love these guys!
Larry Burow and Matt Brys Shoot Scene For Platinum Weddings TV Show

Larry Burow and Matt Brys Shoot Scene For Platinum Weddings TV Show

Amanda Lynne prepares for her scene with Platinum Weddings TV

Amanda Lynne prepares for her scene with Platinum Weddings TV

Debra Hiebert with Tres Fabu Event Planning and Matt Brys with Extreme Productions prepare for another shot
Debra Hiebert with Tres Fabu Event Planning and Matt Brys with Extreme Productions prepare for another shot

We LOVE this crew! Having another opportunity to be a part of a Platinum Weddings TV Show is a blast. Check back on this blog for the announcement of the air date of this episode. Our thanks to the Platinum Weddings TV Show crew (Chris, Christina, Isaac and Mary) and Emily in Los Angeles for a great shoot!